Future World

Join us on our follow-up episode cruising through Test Track the original. We also “enjoy” the musical sounds of Test Track All-Stars prior to the demise of this attraction. Enjoy! :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. :: Test Track All-Stars – https://youtu.be/ATnG8K5my8k Test Track 2012 HD – https://youtu.be/nEnJfUsoaMI

Happy Birthday, Epcot! We are heading to Disney to celebrate Epcot’s 35th so we view a promotional video for the park, a bit of the opening day ceremony, then truck on over to World of Motion! We even stuck around for the Bird and Robot and then The Water Engine Post-show. It’s fun to be […]

The What’s Dis crew is back from our farewell trip to Disney and we are dedicating this episode to Ellen’s Energy Adventure. We will truly miss the Universe of Energy pavilion. Enjoy Bill Nye and Ellen’s last Jeopardy game along with some shenanigans from our weekend trip! :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your […]

We made it to twenty-one! Cheers to us!! Coming off the brink of D23 weekend we start to bid farewell to a beloved Epcot Center attraction, the UNIVERSE of ENERGY! Here we goooo! :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. :: Universe of Energy – https://youtu.be/Sj9jx7AHelQ?t=21m

This week Jillian and Matt go all health-conscious as they enter the Wonders of Life pavilion for the first time. First, they get a quick showing of the Anicomical Players (like their page below) then hop a probe (heh) into the body in Body Wars. Later they review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in […]

To follow up our prequel from last episode, we are taking an omnimover through possibly the most missed attraction at EPCOT, Horizons. But before we dream it, we discover some Disney history on this day and watch a few old Disney classic cartoons. Come along with us to Omega Centauri on this week’s What’s Dis […]

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