animal kingdom

This week for episode 37 (INAROW?) we listen to some Latin Disney songs, help some missed Orlando connections, open and close animal kingdom, meet Lucky the Dinosaur and Val the Velociraptor, and finish off with Pocahontas and her Forest Friends. :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. :: Watch along with us […]

What’s Dis is back from one Disney day! We discuss our short trip including our Behind the Seeds Tour, Disney Christmas Day Parade filming, and try some German cookies. We then start our Christmas Story Teller roundabout with lumberjack Nowell in Canada before we jam with Mickey in his Jamming Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom. […]

12345,678910,11, TWEEELVE! This week on What’s Dis we recap our trip to NYC with our friends at Mouse Rants where we experienced the AWESOME interactive show Sleep No More (link below) as well as a few other Disney-esque places we visited. We then take a Journey Into Jungle Book at Animal Kingdom and barely live […]

You made it! I knew you would! We are taking a time rover back just about 65 million years or so ago to witness the countdown to extinction! But first we must meet some jesters and discover a river boat ride many have never been on before from Africa to Asia and back (and believe […]

This week on What’s Dis, we’re in the car as we take a trip to deliver a care package to one of Jillian’s clients. Along the way we discuss the hotels that we’ll be staying at and all the restaurants we plan on indulging ourselves at. If you love the musical stylings of Phil Collins […]

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