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Today we will discuss our trip to Washington D.C. briefly before checking out Abe Lincoln’s animatronic in Disneyland and celebrating the 50th anniversary of Disneyland with Steve Martin and Donald Duck! :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. :: Attraction Videos: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln animatronic segment at Disneyland – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeMRx0Tz8OQ […]

Here it is! Episode 13! Wait does episode 13 exist or is it like the elevator where we just move on to 14? Well hey if you want to skip this episode be our guest! This week is full of Muppets fun times, or Muppets okay times, or Muppets meh times. We take a look […]

12345,678910,11, TWEEELVE! This week on What’s Dis we recap our trip to NYC with our friends at Mouse Rants where we experienced the AWESOME interactive show Sleep No More (link below) as well as a few other Disney-esque places we visited. We then take a Journey Into Jungle Book at Animal Kingdom and barely live […]

Take a bite of this week’s delicious episode as we rock along to the enticing sounds of Kitchen Kabaret and Food Rocks in the land pavilion of Epcot Center. Chomp down on that 5-star review. Bon appetit! Attraction Videos: Kitchen Kabaret Tribute – https://youtu.be/7d4CCYIGMAc?t=1m40s Food Rocks Tribute – https://youtu.be/xfioxbZK4o0?t=1m33s Find us at: WhatsDisPodcast.com Facebook: @WhatsDisPodcast Twitter: @WhatsDisPod Instagram: @WhatsDisPodcast Get a […]

All the birds sing words in this new episode of What’s Dis where we chant through 3 versions of the classic Tiki Room from Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disney! Leave comments on our FB, Twitter, or drop us a review WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. Attraction Videos: The Enchanted Tiki […]

A long time ago in a podcast studio far far away, we took a star speeder back to MGM to experience a rockin’ hyperspace hoopla before boarding our flight to Endor. Don’t forget to drop us some stars while cruising with us! WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. Attraction Videos: Full Hyperspace […]

You made it! I knew you would! We are taking a time rover back just about 65 million years or so ago to witness the countdown to extinction! But first we must meet some jesters and discover a river boat ride many have never been on before from Africa to Asia and back (and believe […]

To follow up our prequel from last episode, we are taking an omnimover through possibly the most missed attraction at EPCOT, Horizons. But before we dream it, we discover some Disney history on this day and watch a few old Disney classic cartoons. Come along with us to Omega Centauri on this week’s What’s Dis […]

This week on What’s Dis we visit our favorite turn of the century family. as we experience the Carousel of Progress, past and present. We’ve also got a brief review of Disney’s controversial “Song of the South.” Stay tuned after the episode for our somewhat spoiler-filled review of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast. We’d give […]

This week we are coming around full circle with another stop to MGM Studios where we experience for the first time Monster Sound Show and Superstar Television, two great audience participation shows gone too soon! WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. Visit us at whatsdispodcast.com and leave us a review on iTunes! […]

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