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This week it’s all about transportation as we take the skyway into Tomorrowland. We take a few laps around on the Wedway Peoplemover, hear a few words from our sponsors, then fly through If You Had Wings and it’s lesser counterpart If You Could Fly. This episode is brought to you by Eastern Airlines. Eastern, […]

We are back at Epcot this week once again exploring the Wonders of Life pavilion. First, we celebrate our one year anniversary of the podcast by quizzing Matt with a General (Disney) Knowledge quiz. Then we take a few walkthroughs of Wonders of Life before we take a seat for one of Jillian’s most beloved […]

For Episode 41 we discuss and watch some patriotic animals in America Sings in Disneyland then discuss and review Splash Mountain with a few TV spots and the made for TV movie Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain. You may get wet. :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. :: Watch along with […]

February 18, 2018

You are not the first to pass this way, nor shall ye be the last. This week for Episode 40 we are going all NORWAY! Celebrating one of your esteemed host’s recently found heritage, we listen to some tunes from the band Spelmanns Gledje, watch some Vikings, get a preview with Willard Scott, then take […]

We are back at MGM Studios with a show from opening day of the park, Hollywood! Hollywood! Also just in time for V day we watch Celebration of True Love castle show exclusively at Magic Kingdom on Valentines Day. You’ll also hear some Disney Princess tracks that are, well, there. Enjoy! :: WARNING: foul language […]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKEY!! Ok it’s not Mickeys birthday but too bad, we’re celebrating anyways. We are taking our first look at Mickey’s Birthdayland in the Magic Kingdom. We ride the Birthdayland Express, walk around Duckberg with some folks, peek into Mickey’s living quarters, and watch Minnie’s Surprise Birthday Party. Cmon let’s celebrate! :: WARNING: foul […]

This week for episode 37 (INAROW?) we listen to some Latin Disney songs, help some missed Orlando connections, open and close animal kingdom, meet Lucky the Dinosaur and Val the Velociraptor, and finish off with Pocahontas and her Forest Friends. :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. :: Watch along with us […]

Happy New Year! This week we finally end our trip around world showcase with storytellers including the Monkey King in China, Sigrid and Julenissen in Norway, and Los Tres Reyes in Mexico. Then it’s time to celebrate the new year with what else but the Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration! We see the ins and […]

This week on What’s Dis we listen to the stories of Christmas with La Befana in Italy and Helga in Germany. Also viewed this episode is last years Fort Wilderness Christmas Golf Cart Parade and the Starbright Holidays drone show at Disney Springs. Finally we experience Christmas overseas with Christmas in NY…. in Tokyo Disneyland […]

This week we hear a story of the Japanese new year then we reach the middle of World Showcase and hear the stories of Kwanzaa and Chanukah in America. We then take a trip back to Christmas Day 1998 as we view Disney’s Christmas Day special with Richard Kind and Caroline Rhea. Happy Chanukah! Shalom! […]

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