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It’s time to experience the aftermath of Mickeys Birthdayland as we take a tour around Mickeys Starland! First we explore some Disney history including a short ride on the Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland in Disneyland. We then poke around Mickey’s house to see what he’s shuffled around before starting off the series of Disney […]

Jambo! Today we are trekking through Animal Kingdom as we interact with Pipa the talking recycle bin and Wes Palm the talking palm tree, check out the March of the Artimals, then finally board SIMBA 1 with our good friend Wilson and take a thrilling trip on Kilimanjaro Safari. Kwaherini! :: WARNING: foul language ensues. […]

We are back at Epcot this week once again exploring the Wonders of Life pavilion. First, we celebrate our one year anniversary of the podcast by quizzing Matt with a General (Disney) Knowledge quiz. Then we take a few walkthroughs of Wonders of Life before we take a seat for one of Jillian’s most beloved […]

You are not the first to pass this way, nor shall ye be the last. This week for Episode 40 we are going all NORWAY! Celebrating one of your esteemed host’s recently found heritage, we listen to some tunes from the band Spelmanns Gledje, watch some Vikings, get a preview with Willard Scott, then take […]

What’s Dis is back from one Disney day! We discuss our short trip including our Behind the Seeds Tour, Disney Christmas Day Parade filming, and try some German cookies. We then start our Christmas Story Teller roundabout with lumberjack Nowell in Canada before we jam with Mickey in his Jamming Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom. […]

Join us on our follow-up episode cruising through Test Track the original. We also “enjoy” the musical sounds of Test Track All-Stars prior to the demise of this attraction. Enjoy! :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your own risk. :: Test Track All-Stars – https://youtu.be/ATnG8K5my8k Test Track 2012 HD – https://youtu.be/nEnJfUsoaMI

Happy Birthday, Epcot! We are heading to Disney to celebrate Epcot’s 35th so we view a promotional video for the park, a bit of the opening day ceremony, then truck on over to World of Motion! We even stuck around for the Bird and Robot and then The Water Engine Post-show. It’s fun to be […]

Continuing our celebration of EPCOT Center for the 35th anniversary we go to two more opening day attractions at The Land Pavilion. First, we check out a new take on the classic Mickey Mouse march and play a little EPCOT trivia. We then watch the flick, Symbiosis, and then cruise while we Listen to the […]

Another ode to our farewell trip this week as we do our first collaboration with our friends Jerry and Simone at Mouse Rants podcast. First, we discuss some facts about this awesome ride before joining our friends to discuss our time at Walt Disney World and doing a final virtual ride through of The Great […]

The What’s Dis crew is back from our farewell trip to Disney and we are dedicating this episode to Ellen’s Energy Adventure. We will truly miss the Universe of Energy pavilion. Enjoy Bill Nye and Ellen’s last Jeopardy game along with some shenanigans from our weekend trip! :: WARNING: foul language ensues. Listen at your […]

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